Brand Focus: The Ordinary

the ordinary skincare

The most hyped skincare brand this year has got to be The Ordinary. They’re disrupting the market by replacing jargon product titles, such as “anti-ageing, lifting moisturiser” with specific ingredients “Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%” at astonishingly low prices. We’re so used to brands sugar-coating products and setting a huge price tag but The Abnormal Company have proved to us that brands such as Estée Lauder and La Mer use a ridiculously small amount of the ingredients that they claim to include and constantly increase their mark-up margins. I ordered a few of their line to see what the fuss was really about.

the ordinary caffeine solution

Many may be put off by these products as the packaging doesn’t clearly state what effects they have such as “mattifying”/”firming” however if you do your research into the ingredients they use you can work out what areas of the face they target.

Caffeine Solution 5% +EGCG // £5.80 for 30 ml

This used to banish dark circles and reduce puffiness. If you know me or have read past blog posts you’ll be aware that I’ve struggled with my dark circles since 14 years old. I can happily say this product ACTUALLY WORKS!! You only need the tiniest amount from the dropper and you carefully push it around the entire eye area just after cleansing and toning. I noticed a difference after about 10 days and now I refuse to use any other eye product.

Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% // £5.00 for 30ml 

I don’t think I’ve found the perfect spot banishing product yet (if you have please let me know)! This bottle is a clear serum applied to acne-prone areas after eye cream and before moisturiser. I’ve been using it for 2 weeks now and haven’t seen a difference so this is a miss for me I’m afraid.

the ordinay primers

High Spreadability Fluid Primer // £5.50 for 50ml

When you apply this you won’t want to stop touching your face. It’s the silkiest product I’ve ever used (yes, more than Benefit’s Porefessional!) and it works so well to keep your make up on all day. I tested this in the same conditions as all the other primers I have used (a day at work with the same make-up) and it’s tied 1st place with the Nars Pore and Shine Control primer. 10/10 would buy again.

High Adherence Silicone Primer //£3.90 for 30ml

This isn’t as good as the above primer but it’s a great product to fit into your make up case as it doesn’t take much space. Silicone primers are best paired with silicone face products to avoid make-up moving around on the skin and becoming patchy (same with water based foundations and primers paired together). It does a good job of sticking to my make up and I only had to blot a few times (that’s good for me)!

I also love that none of these products are stored in jars, only bottles with pipettes and squeezers, so it makes the product inside last longer and is more hygienic (yay). Overall I would say I’m a fan of this brand. Not only are the brands cheap and they work but the company is doing something to make a difference in the beauty world. They’re honest and that’s rare to find so I stand behind them.


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