Stationery Haul

Stationery Haul of copper, marble and new york notepads, stickers, pens and paperclips

I’ve loved stationery shopping since the first time I put on a school uniform and I still love it now; graduated and all. I swoon over office spaces on Pinterest and boy do I love a good personalised notepad. So it’s only fitting I show you the items I’ve recently bought that are sitting pretty on my desk.

The first thing I bought were rose gold paperclips, £2, from Sainsbury’s. Yup, you heard me, good old Sains. There’s a lot of these around on Etsy and Paperchase but the cheapest I sourced was Sainsbury’s alongside their marble and copper buldog clips and marble notepads. Serious props to Sains, I’m impressed at their selection and the container can be used for cotton swabs afterwards which is a real win.

Stationery Haul of copper, marble and new york notepads, stickers, pens and paperclips

I bought this blog planner (above) from Dot Creates for £5 where they sell notepads, planner stickers and fun prints in gorgeous fonts. I don’t need a full on blog schedule/planner because I don’t monetize my blog and and I don’t deal with affiliates/PR so all I need to do is log ideas. This A5 notepad is perfect for this, where I can jot down a general structure and use it as a to-do list to ensure I’ve included everything. I also bought an A5 print which will make an appearance on my Instagram soon!

I made my first visit to kikki.K in Guildford and spent a ridiculous amount of time in there. They have so many goodies for organizing home affairs (I’ll need this soon yay!), work goals and their yearly planner is definitely mine come 2018 but I resisted and settled on a few cards and a pen to match my copper collection. Yes it was £12 but screw it, it looks good.


My next port of call was Ohh Deeer where I bought these New York City page mark stickers, £3.95, which were a must have for me. I love the attention to detail, and these are so much better than your ordinary, ripped up, neon post-it notes, plus you can get them in the London skyline too! As a lover and ex-liver of this amazing place I’ve never hit ‘add to cart’ quicker.

I spent over 1/2hr scrolling this amazing, endless website and decided to add another notebook to my collection. I normally go for bright and girly but I changed it up a bit and went for a darker theme (and of course the hint of copper who am I kidding). Below is an A4ish lined notebook, £4.95, with no spine so it fits very nicely into handbangs and laptop bags, that will do me just perfectly for jotting down notes at work. I’ll also add that Ohh Deer take student discount and, as mine still works, I got 20% off.

Stationery copper and marble notepad planner

If you have a penchant (hehe) for stationery and you can’t help but buy a million pens and notebooks you don’t need, I want to know!!! Leave a comment below and I hope you enjoyed my haul.


10 thoughts on “Stationery Haul

  1. I think stationary is probably the biggest reason why I never have any money but I live near a big Paperchase so what’s a girl to do!! I recently got some rose gold paper clips from Paperchase but I had no idea Sainsbury’s would have such a good little selection of copper stationary, I’ll have to check that out! Lovely post 🙂

    Xo Gemma


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