Kylie Cosmetics: Valentine’s Day Collection

Kylie Cosmetics Valentine's Day Collection

This is the first time I stayed up to beat the masses in a new Kylie Cosmetics launch. I pre-decided what I wanted so when it came to 11pm I could click what I wanted quickly, I nearly lost hope after staring at the loading circle for 10 minutes, but when I looked up from my book I saw I got to checkout and I placed my order and got free delivery (would have been $15). WOO I GOT IT!! Such a good feeling, must be all the practice from buying concert tickets. According to the website the minimum time my parcel could get to me was 13 business days and the longest would be 20 working days and it got to my local post office in 11 working days. I’m seriously impressed at this especially as it was from L.A. I was so excited that I could see it was in my town from the tracking and when I got the customs card I nearly kissed the postman. He was very confused as it was a heart-wrenching £19.99 but I didn’t care and I got in my car without hesitation to pick it up.

Kylie Cosmetics Valentine's Day High maintenance lip kit

I really wish Kylie released the High Maintenance lip kit as that was my favourite product from the line however she only included it in her mini pack which I didn’t think was worth it as I have half of them in full size. I got Head Over Heels (above) which is a really pretty mauve-purple which I never wear enough of but they suit me quite nicely. This is a similar look to Kristen which for me wears really well and I have no issue with the pigment. The packaging for all of the products gets 10/10 and the glittery lips on the lip kit box is stunning and such a good idea for V day.

Kylie Cosmetics Valentine's Day minis
L-R = Damn Gina, Poppin’, Dirty Peach, Gorg

Here are the minis which I was looking forward to the most as there’s two lip products from the Koko Kollection, which I regrettably didn’t get, and the Poppin’ gloss which is the out there gold gloss from her Birthday Collection. I wish these were slightly bigger as I’ve heard you don’t get much product out of them. I’m so obsessed with the name of Damn Gina as it’s the second part of my name and whenever Khloe says it she cracks me up “OKUURRR”.

Kylie Cosmetics Valentine's Day swatches
L-R: Head Over Heels. Gorg, Dirty Peach, Poppin’, Damn Gina

Kylie Cosmetics Valentine's Day kiss me and smooch eyeshadows

When Kylie showcased the new collection on her Snapchat I KNEW I had to get these eyeshadow and mini sets. There’s a third but I thought that was a bit excessive so I purchased Smooch (left) and Kiss me (right). The lip products that came with these match the shadows almost exactly. Each set is extremely complimentary of each shadow within them and the glitters are absolutely stunning. 

Overall this is my favourite collection yet and the order process was better than some UK deliveries!

Let me know if you managed to order this collection or if you like any of her other products! Meanwhile check out my other two reviews on Kylie Cosmetics here and here.


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