Valentine’s Day Lush Haul


lush valentine's day haul


Ahh-HA I bet you didn’t expect a Lush Valentine’s Day haul did you? I know it’s a blogging cliché but I love this stuff. I’m really not a fan of V Day for many reasons but Lush do such a good job with their seasonal products especially my all time favourite shower item; Prince Charming. I made a trip to Lush Oxford Street to get all of the exclusives and stock up on some old favourites.

Prince Charming // £10.75 for 250g I went back to my old post here and saw this has risen by £1! Shocking. Anyway, I bought the 500g bottle this year, as I used it every time I went in the shower and so did someone else *ehem* my boyfriend even when I told him not to as it comes out once a year. This stuff is so creamy and luxurious with a non-overpowering scent of pomegranate, yum.

Lover Lamp // £4.25 I’m a huge fan of any Lush product with cocoa butter in it as I think it truly works. Like butter bear, when you hop out the bath your skin is so silky soft for days, no need for moisturiser! I love the cute little hearts that come out of this bomb, they’re adorable, it’s a zingy smell and one I would definitely use in the morning.

Lovestruck // £4.25 Yep I bought this because it looks ike an emoji. I don’t usually buy citrus scented bath bombs but it has geranium oil which I love in the Ro’s Argan body conditioner (also re-purchased!) so why not.

Cupid // £2.95  I fell in love with the pastel pink bubbles this gives off and it’s a really good size for the price. Fefinitely the sweetest item in the range.

I bought lots of other lovely bits like A French Kiss, RollerGolden Slumbers, and other things you can only get in Oxford Street but I thought I’d keep to theme and just include the cute pinky ones 🙂

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