Working From Home: Procastination or Efficiency?

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Last week I found myself working from home due to waking up on Saturday with a trapped nerve so I couldn’t drive. I work an hour away from home and I have the flexibility to work from home when I please but I stick to just Fridays. There’s a common stigma with working from home when you have an office to go to as everyone thinks you’re bunking off but I found the whole experience very productive and beneficial so here’s what I think:


  • I didn’t wear make-up for 5 days which saved me time and it felt so good to be able to rub my eyes and not take it off at the end of the day. After the monthly hormonal break out my skin was probably quite thankful I didn’t apply any.
  • Following on from the above, I could wear whatever I wanted which was quite fun as I could have important calls in my tracksuit bottoms. Also, I spent quite a long time out of boob jail which my breasticles thoroughly appreciated.
  • I saved a week’s worth of petrol which I transferred into my savings account.
  • I had almost 2 hours more sleep in the morning. Everyday I wake up at 6:30am, latest, so to roll out of bed just before 8:15am was a blessing and I felt so much more refreshed, attentative and ready for the day.
  • I ended up working way past my usual cut-off time. This is probably because I didn’t have to spend 2 hours in the car per day so I had more energy to keep working. This resulted in getting a lot more done on my to-do list!
  • I spent a bit more time with my Mum and my boyfriend, who has a local and flexible work schedule, which broke up the day nicely.


  • My family found it difficult to remember when I was on a call. This meant mum would burst in the room and say something ridiculous, the one time I wasn’t on mute, which is highly embarassing but also hilarious at the same time.
  • I missed my work friends. I’m lucky to have a work environment with a lot of gradautes my age, which makes the social aspect great, and also the actual offices are a really pleasant place to work in.
  • This wouldn’t be applicable to many people but I had a slight case of cabin fever as I couldn’t drive and my movement was restricted. My mum was an angel, and she looked after me wonderfully, but as I didn’t feel ill it was a bit strange not going for a coffee or a walk like I normally do at work.


I’m interested to see if anyone is self-employed and works from home every day or if you’re only allowed to be in the office 5 days a week so let me know what your daily routine is when it comes to work!






5 thoughts on “Working From Home: Procastination or Efficiency?

  1. I found when I worked from home in my old job it was really useful if I just wanted to get something done as the office can be distracting. I do really miss having the flexibility! I used to work harder at home to be honest just because I was so worried about the stigma of ‘bunking off’ like you say! x


  2. I work from home too and it is hard sometimes. I like having set hours so I do treat it like a normal job and have a lunch break etc. Sometimes I like working in the library x


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