Kylie Cosmetics: Bronze and Burgundy Palette

Kylie Eye Palettes Bronze and Burgundy

A month ago I was desperate to find an eye shadow palette with mostly warm tones. Cool, earthy tones don’t go well with my skin at all so buying a palette where it’s half and half would be a waste of my money. The Morphe 35OM and ABH Modern Renaissance palette’s were constantly sold out so I went for it and bought both of Kylie’s eye palette’s as I couldn’t decide.

Kylie Cosmetics Palettes and Kristen lip kit

They retail at £35 each and let’s not talk about the crazy custom charge I had to pay but I was asking for it I guess. I also got another Lip Kit in the shade ‘Kristen’ which is a gorgeous dark berry, I have no lip colours like this, and I’m in love. I must say that it doesn’t look as light and peachy as the packaging colour suggests which surprised me when I first put it on my lips. I was impressed with the packaging of the whole thing, with each eye palette individually wrapped in bubble wrap, and a thick layer of styrofoam which enabled the contents to arrive on my doorstop damage-free from California. I also loved the card that came with it which had a sweet message from Kylie and a winking picture of her gorgeous eyes.


Kylie Cosmetics Bronze Eyeshadow Palette

So onto the actual product. I am SO impressed. She delivered with these products and both palettes have filled a whole in my make-up bag. Talking of, they’re very slim and extremely easy to fit into handbags and wash bags, and the packaging is quite robust so you don’t have to be that delicate with it (famous last words).

Instead of listing all the shades and describing them I’ll do my Top 3:

Quartz (Top row, left shade) – This is a STUN-NING champagne shade with minimal glitter flecks. It’s soft and subtle and is great in the corner and middle of the lids.

Citrine (Middle row, middle shade) – An unexpected favourite of mine as the shade is as orange as it looks on photos. Thankfully my skin tone accepts this colour to be great in the crease to intensify a warm smokey eye.

Hematite (Bottom row, left shade) – This is a matte, milk chocolate brown shade that I sometimes put all over the lid and blend it out like crazy or add to the outer v of my eye when doing a light-to-dark smokey eye.

Kylie Cosmetics Burgundy Eyeshadow Palette

I’m not exaggerating when I say this is hands down the best thing I have bought in 2016. If I’m raving and babbling on about this product to you, it isn’t because I’m showing off, it’s because it’s amazing and I want everyone to experience its beauty. The burgundy palette was made for me and picking 3 shades was tough.

LA (Middle row, left shade) – I MEAN LOOK AT IT. This is the most stunning copper shimmer shade and if you spray water on your brush this thing intensifies like crazy and anyone who looks at you will be blinded (OK now I’m exaggerating). When dotted in the centre of a burgundy smokey eye your face looks like a piece of art.

Burgundy (Middle row, middle shade) – Star of the show and what drew me in to buying these palettes in the first place. Of course the shade named after the palette has to be good, can you imagine naming a crap song the title of your album? Didn’t think so. This is a strong rouge that doesn’t make you look tired/ill like a lot of red eye shadow shades do.

Beach – (Top row, middle shade) – This shade is a true sand colour. Put it into the crease alone and it’s a great natural look where your eyes can be defined whilst looking like you haven’t done anything.

Almond (Bottom row, right shade) – OK I couldn’t stick to 3. I like to pair this dark red-brown shade with “burgundy” in the outer v and along the lash line to create a true burgundy look which goes beautifully with brown eyes.

I know Kylie Jenner gets a lot of stick for a lot of different reasons but her make-up like shouldn’t be a reason. The Kylie Cosmetics team have done a ridiculously good job on these products and at the moment they’re the only eye shadows I want to reach for. The Royal Peach Palette that she released a few days ago is tempting but unfortunately there aren’t enough colours in the palette that I like so I’m not willing to pay for the product and shipping.

Let me know what you thought of these or if you have palettes from other brands that you reach for I want to hear what you think!


8 thoughts on “Kylie Cosmetics: Bronze and Burgundy Palette

      1. Yeah I’ve pretty much tried all of them, not a big fan, wouldn’t say it’s a great brand and way more expensive than it should be as it isn’t good 😩 expected better to be fair


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