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Favourite Things From 2016!

Favourite products 2016 lush


Kylie Cosmetics
Such a fan of what Kylie came out with in 2016. My favourite lip kit has to be Mary Jo K, a perfect red, and the burgundy palette is something else. I was searching for a palette with mostly warm tones as this suits my skin tone most and I almost splurged on the Modern Renaissance palette from ABH but instead I got both of Kylie’s bronze and burgundy palettes. Stunning colours with great quality.


Stranger Things
What a programme. Pretty much binge watched the whole thing and I can’t wait for season 2. An amazing thriller set in the early 80s where a child goes missing and it plays with your head so much. Incredible performances from Winona Ryder.


Lush ‘Sleepy’
I’ve seen this stuff in everyone’s favourites and there’s a reason why. It’s a thick, lavender body lotion that’s great just before bed as it helps you sleep. It’s also the dreamiest light violet colour. I can’t find it anywhere on the UK website so I wish I’d bought two!


Mario Badescu Drying Lotion
Definitely jumped on the hype train for this one and I’m so glad I did! I don’t look the most attractive with this dotted all around my face but it dries out your spots to prevent them growing further and therefore creates immediate relief from breakouts. Ensure you don’t put it on open spots as it stings like hell!


Beauty Blender
Technically I bought my first beauty blender in 2015 but it’s my favourite way to apply my base and it gives such a natural finish. Also, a bit of a splurge baring in mind it’s soap, but it’s not just a soap. The lady at Sephora sold this to me and it cleans my brushes SO WELL. I get it in a set with a blender from a random website which ends up cheaper than a single beauty blender full price from Beauty Bay. It cleans so much better and faster than soap or any other brush cleaner.


Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
I read this in hours. I’m an avid HP fan and I bought this the morning it got released and didn’t do anything but bury my head and mind into this story. It’s absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to see the show in June. I loved how the HP mania returned like it used to be and there was another part to the saga which we thought would never happen. I could do a whole blog post on this but that would be super boring.


Bare Minerals Complete Coverage Serum Concealer
I’ve got hereditary dark circles and paired with 6am starts my under-eyes don’t have much hope. This Bare Minerals concealer pretty much does the best job of a concealer that I’ve tried.


Pixi Eye Correction Concentrate “Brightening Peach”
That being said, without this product, no concealer would work. This is the #1 product in my make-up bag I cannot live without. The pink hue covers my blue/green circles and creates a bright, clean canvas for the rest of my make-up. Probably the best thing I’ve bought all year.


Milani Lip Oil
I pop this on before bed and my lips are so revitalised and smooth when I wake up. I always get stringy lips (anyone else?). Milani is also creeping up to be my favourite drugstore make up brand with their amazing liquid foundation and blushes.


Barefoot Botanicals Cream Cleanser
I received this in Love Lula’s subscription box, which I’ll be doing a review of shortly, which is a cruelty-free beauty box and I fell in love with this cleanser. It doesn’t sting your eyes and it smells so clean and refreshing. It’s currently half price at £10.00!


NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream ‘Cannes’
These were everywhere in 2016 so of course I got 5. My favourite colour is Cannes which is a lovely ‘bitten my lips’ sort of pink. It’s so smooth going on and dries matte which is all I need in a liquid lipstick.


Fluffy Key Ring
I got this brown fluffy key ring from New Look and it’s more useful than it is cute. I’m the sort of person with the whole of Boots in her bag so when it comes to my finding my keys it’s not an easy task. I can reach in my bag and the first thing I touch is this big fluff ball and bam keys in seconds; muy útil.


Copper Invisibobbles
I was a bit reluctant to get these as I thought they looked silly but I tried them and they are so good for your hair as it doesn’t snag, pull or take out any hair when you take your hair down. It also makes your ponytail more poofy so what’s not to love!


Bose wireless headphones 

Probably my biggest splurge but I got a hefty discount with my leftover university entitlement money. Pretty much noice cancelling and I love that there’s no wires, except to every once in a while charge them, so you can pop them on with no annoying dangly bits. I love the colour, trés chic, and they also get rid of background plane noise which annoys the heck outta me! Such a great buy for a non-techy like me.

Hope you enjoyed my favourite bits. What are your stand out things from 2016?



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