Affordable Autumn Bedding

Autumn bedding

As we’re right in the middle of Autumn I thought my beachy bedroom didn’t quite fit the season. Changing the interior of your whole bedroom can be a lot of work and money for something you’re only going to have until things get Christmassy (which is basically now if you look in any shop). I picked out some bits from the UK’s beloved supermarkets to try and be a bit more seasonal and prove you don’t have to spend a fortune to do so!

Autumn bedding interiors

My favourite theme for Fall/Autumn is burnt orange and neutral tones which really warms up a room. I’ve done this by using plain linen and my cream furniture as a base and added accents of fiery colours like orange and yellow. The two orange pillows were an absolute bargain at £14 for both from Asda. I think they’re sold out online but there were loads when I went in recently.

Autumn pillow by ASDA

As soon as Autumn came around I browsed so many online stores and fell in love with this “Stay home & snuggle” pillow from George at ASDA (£8) but I only got it a few days ago as it’s been sold out in store for ages (may have something to do with the fact Zoella showcased it in one of her videos!). It’s absolutely adorable and has colourful leaves and the brown dotted pattern gives the pillow a bobbly feel. The pillow behind is from Laura Ashley a few years ago.

Autumnal check throw

I’ve been looking for the perfect throw for ages. They are either way too expensive, too rough or crappy colours. Low and behold I find my perfect one in Sainsbury’s! It cost me £14, it’s not that big, but it’s very comfy and pulls the whole bed together. Supermarkets really do have great interiors at fantastic prices; you don’t always have to spend hundreds on a blanket (no hate if you do btw, das cool).

Autumn badger pillow

Sorry but how cute is this badger pillow. I don’t particularly have a love for badgers (Dad ran one over once) but his lil face is so cute and the circle shape breaks it up a bit from the rest. Again this is from Asda retailing at £8 and goes perfectly with the others.

Autumnal bedroom

The bed and bedside table are both from M&S (can’t link as they were bought 5+ years ago) and the light is actually called the “Georgina lamp” from Homebase and is still in store for £19.99. I have 3 or 4 of them, they are so pretty with a flower like middle and fake diamond droplets from each branch. My white sheets are from The White Company and the duvet and pillows were bought from Bloomingdales and Feather & Black when my family lived in NYC, although I’m preeettyy sure I’ve seen F&B around Guildford.

The candle is the three wick Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin from Bath & Body Works , my obsession for this is beyond O.K and I need every product they do in this scent. The other pumpkin ones are way too sweet for me but this has the right level of earthy, cinnamon notes in it. I could do a whole post on why I wish B&BW were in the U.K but I’ll save that for another time when I spend a ridiculous amount of money on their website and get it shipped here (yay for hauls of stuff I don’t need!).

I hope you like what I’ve done with my room and stay tuned for my Christmas version in a few months time! Meanwhile check out my other Autumnal posts:

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You are most welcome to turn this post into a drinking game by taking a shot every time I’ve said Autumnal (I’m not held liable for your inebriated state at the end of the post).


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