Kylie Cosmetics: My Experience

Kylie Jenner Lip kit Mary Jo and Candy K

I can’t believe I waited this long to try the infamous Kylie Cosmetics lip kits but it was worth it as a few weeks ago she did $5 international shipping. I couldn’t justify buying more than two shades just in case I didn’t like them and I knew I wasn’t going to get away with a low customs charge. So here’s my experience with the brand:


Kylie Jenner Lip kit Mary Jo and Candy K

I didn’t order when Kylie had new products so it was a quiet process with no stress. Of course I took ages choosing the two colours but the website was easy to use and there were no payment issues.


I waited for the $5 shipping which saved me $9.95 and I thought that would cover my customs but ooooooh no. I’ve heard that some people have had to pay two lots of customs as their order was split in two (bit stupid) but mine came in one but I had a lovely customs letter posted through the door with a £16.90 charge on it…ouch. I didn’t think it would be that much but hey ho I understand and I’ve been caught out on customs for many products so it wasn’t a massive surprise. It took 2 weeks from L.A. to my doorstop including being held at the post office and I didn’t think that was bad at all. One thing I thought was a bit off was the scuffs on the packaging of the individual lipkits. In the photo below you can see where you open the packets it’s scuffed up. I hadn’t touched them and they’re on the other side of the opening flap. I thought by paying $29 per lipkit I’d be avoiding this sort of bad service.

Kylie Jenner lipkit packaging


Even though the shipping experience wasn’t great, the end product which is what really matters, is exactly what I’d hoped for. I actually really like the sweet cakey smell and the colours are perfect. The liners are absolutely fantastic, as in best I’ve ever used, and I’ll be wearing them by themselves, with other lipsticks and with the liquid lipsticks. Mary Jo K is my favourite lipkit out of them all and it’s a true, post box red which is extremely flattering. Normally I wouldn’t go out for food with a red lip as I wouldn’t want it to come off and look weird but with this product’s stay power this isn’t an issue.

Kylie Jenner Lip kit Mary Jo red

It took me days and many friend’s advice to pick the right nude and after much swatch analysis I chose Candy K. Most of my nude lip colours are on the pink side so having a brown would change the mix a bit. It has a very similar feel to Mary Jo in terms of coverage and how it stays on the lips and the colour is extremely wearable; I made the right choice.

Kylie Jenner Candy K lipkit

Kylie Lip kit swatches
Kylie Lip kit swatches L-R: Mary Jo K, Candy K

Overall I’m happy. There’s been a lot of talk surrounding this brand and I appreciate that different colours have different formulas so some will be better than others and due to her family name there will be judgement.  However I’m a Kylie fan and enjoy watching what new shades are coming out although when I ordered this Smile came out the next day so my next order will definitely include Smile, Kristen and perhaps a more bold colour.

If you’ve got any of Kylie’s products I’d love to hear your experiences!

5 thoughts on “Kylie Cosmetics: My Experience

  1. Great review. Liquid lipsticks aren’t really for me but I’ve been intrigued about these lipkits since she launched them. The colours are beautiful, that’s for sure, and there are a lot to choose from. It’s a shame that skipping was such a pain and that you had to pay extra at customs. It was worth it though, those shades look lovely.

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