Lush Halloween 2016

Lush Halloween Pumpkin


I’ve refrained from posting this until it was officially October so I don’t peak too early. But now the time is here and Lush have done it again! With their 2016 Halloween collection including old classics and new goodies to try. I got the pumpkin set and some extras but forgot about the green monster set which has the Lord of Misrule shower cream and the monster bath bomb but I wasn’t going to go all the way back just for the sake of a blog post.


Lush Halloween 2016 Collection

The set comes in a spherical packaging with a jack-o-‘lantern knot scarf tied round which I love! Open it up and out spill the bath bombs and melts.

Lush Halloween 2016 Collection


(^^I couldn’t get the pumpkin to sit still so here it is giving you the side eye)

Bubble Bar | Sparkly Pumpkin // £3.95  I am so happy this has returned! Yes it’s a bit of a b*tch to clean off the bath but I can’t help but gaze into the bath when this melts. It smells ultra zingy and glistens beautifully what more could you want?

Bath Melt | Ceridwen’s Cauldron // £4.95  I’m surprised this hasn’t been more talked about in the collection. It’s been in the store before but as it’s got a Halloweeny name I added it to my basket. I use this two ways: rubbing it over my body in the bath as an in-bath moisturiser or holding it under the tap so it releases a creamy oatmilk and leaves the skin SO silky.

Lush Halloween Boo Bath Melt

Bath Melt | Boo // £3.50  Is this not the cuuuutest bath product! Watching this melt away in the bath was quite funny as the face just disintegrated but I kid you not my skin was as soft as a baby’s bum after bathing in this. I’m a firm believer in every Lush product that uses cocoa and shea butter as it genuinely works. Like don’t need to moisturise for two days works. I’m going back to buy 5.

Bath Bomb | Lord of Misrule // £3.95 For me this is a classic Lush smell. Something I recognise from when my 9 year old self would enter the store and marvel at the crazy soaps. A classic bath bomb with an earthy smell and a surprising colour!

Lush Halloween Autumn Leaf

Bath Bomb | Autumn Leaf // £3.75  This deserves a post of it’s own to be honest. One of the most talked about products in the line, Autumn leaf resembles a brightly, multi-coloured maple leaf that when dropped in the bath, gives off stunning, pastel autumnal colours. The sandalwood scent is fresh and uplifting like an October morning. This can be broken up into 4 to get the most value of it but for the sake of an awesome Instagram photo I’m going to drop the whole thing in.

Bath Bomb | Pumpkin // £3.95  Last but not least we have pumpkin. I really like the look of this as a product and the colour in the bath but the smell kind of reminds me of Berocca and that’s never good…


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