Ski Trip Essentials

I’m lucky to be going on a ski trip as an end of exam period reward and as I’ve been skiing for a while I’ve pulled together what I feel is a handy list of must-haves that maybe aren’t so obvious when packing for a ski holiday.

Safety First – Wearing a helmet whilst skiing should be like wearing a seatbelt in a car; it’s automatic. I’m not going to go into how ridiculous I think skiers/snowboarders are if they don’t wear a helmet but I will say, remember to take identification/insurance cards with you on the slopes. In Europe we have a health insurance card, EHIC, which is the same size as a credit card and can slip easily into one of the many pockets ski jackets have. Some doctors and hospitals don’t treat you (or the opposite, they charge you a fortune, even though your card may be at home) if you don’t have the EHIC card on you. Heaven forbid you have an accident but if you do the card will make the process run a lot smoother. You can also buy one off travel insurance as cheap as £15 if you check Compare The Market. I find Cigna has the best rate out of the cheapest travel insurance rates.

Deep Heat – When we ski we mostly use muscles we don’t use on a daily basis or even in the gym. My shins and thighs always kill the next morning from all the leaning so run a hot bath after your first day and get the deep heat ready to soothe your muscles.

Sun Cream – Some people don’t understand that it’s not just hot countries and the beach where you can get sun damage; it’s the ski resorts too. The reflection off the snow from the sun can leave you with a very red face so it’s essential to have SPF on all bits showing. I love Nivea’s lip balm spf and an annual favourite for ski holidays is the Piz Buin Mountain range.

Cash – This may seem way too obvious but nowadays we’re so used to using card and contactless pay we hardly carry cash around. When you’re up in the mountains, depending how rural your location is, restaurants and bars may only take cash. So ensure you have enough in the right currency for that emergency glass of rosé.

Apps – If you’re an experienced skier and you want to see more than just how fast you are Ski Pursuit and Snow Edge are great apps for recording your highest altitudes, speeds, air time and how far you’ve skied during the day. If you’re wanting to be more health conscious this year this is a good way to track calories as skiing burns a lot.


If you’re going skiing have an amazing time and I hope my guide helped you remember a few things 🙂

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