How to Beat the January Blues

snuggle cosy relax Labrador puppy cute interior

On the first Monday of the new year, this puppy is exactly how I feel right now. All I want to do is snuggle under the covers inside, eat and be stroked. Christmas and New Years is done, I’ve just taken all the decorations down, it’s pouring with rain and I have exams in the next few days. There’s a reason why everyone says January is so gloomy. If anything, it’s the one time of the year everyone needs a good cheer up. Here’s a few things I do to start the year on a happy note:

Write thank-you cards – If you received any nice gifts from friends and relatives, send them a thank-you note in the post. There is nothing nicer than receiving hand-written mail especially when you are starting to take the Christmas cards down. You can make them yourself, download some fun calligraphy images or buy some from the charity shop or go all out and head to Kate Spade for some gorgeous prints.

Buy an advent calendar – Bear with me for a second. It sounds a bit crazy but this is something you can buy and look forward to every day just like you do in the run up to Christmas. Last year my Mum bought a beauty advent calendar from Ciaté (always heavily discounted in January) so I could look forward to something every morning. The nail polishes were so beautiful too!

Set a challenge – One at least. To give you a bit more direction I’ll tell you one of mine. Every year my family and I give up something food related for the whole year. I always get the “Oh but live your life, have your cake and eat it” answer but it’s a fun challenge for me. In 2015 I successfully gave up takeaways and this year I’m giving up my heart and soul; cheese. It will be hard but on January 1st it feels like such an achievement.

Take something up – I would say this is a more positive challenge than giving something up. For example, I want to drink more water. I downloaded the app, iDrated, where you fill in information like age, height and weight and you log all the water intake you have throughout the day. It notifies you when you need to drink more in order to reach your daily goal. This is going to help me with my skin and the annoying headaches I get when I’m dehydrated.

Give to charity – December is the month where we spend a lot of money. January is the time to save but it’s also the time where charity’s receive the least amount of donations as everyone has this mentality. Donate a fiver to your favourite charity or buy the homeless person you see regularly a coffee or lunch and you’ll feel an instant kick of satisfaction. Not only do you feel good but those less fortunate than us will feel better too.

Treat yo self – Ok yes, we have just had the season of giving, but the best sales are on right now so buy that jumper you’ve been eyeing up since October or try a new nail polish colour for 2016.

Book a holiday – This is definitely one of the more expensive ideas but BA and other airlines do reductions in flights and packages until February so it’s the perfect time to book a holiday whether it’s with friends, family or with your significant other. It doesn’t have to abroad you can staycation and do a spa break in the countryside or a weekend in London. I have a week away in the Lake District planned for August and it’s so nice to have a bigger plan like this in the diary; I’m counting down already!

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