DIY Christmas Wreath

This year I decided to make my own Christmas wreath as a challenge. I thought it was going to be a huge effort, taking me all day, but I was wrong and it really is an easy, fun, festive project to do around the Christmas period. Here’s how I did it:

berries wreath green pine scissors glue holly cinnamon orange home

Above are all the things I used to make the Christmas wreath. I used a hot glue gun instead of wire as the core of the wreath was too hard to push gardening wire into. You can get glue guns from Homebase starting from £13.

holly garden green home DIY easy berries cinnamon pine orange cooking

The style of wreath I was going for was as natural as possible. The wreath itself (yes I cheated) is from the flower shop in my town, as well as the cinnamon sticks and berries, the holly is from my back garden and I dried the orange slices for 8 hours at 60°C.

DIY cinnamon smell wreath making

The cinnamon sticks were a bit too long so I snapped them in half to be 10cm and tied them together with raffia string. You could wrap with festive ribbon or plain string.

holly garden berries DIY orange candied cinnamon yum healthy green

You can arrange the decorations however way you like but I decided to do an ordered pattern of: cinnamon sticks, red berries, holly, oranges and repeating the whole way around the wreath until the two ends meet. You could also place the decorations in closer clumps.

I went a little step further and placed some of the runaway berries inside the holly (in hindsight I recommend wearing gloves!)

Christmas Holiday wreath finished product door hallway home porch DIY easy

Here you have it! Use string to tie your wreath to your door knocker, or if you don’t have one, place two command strips in the middle of your door and hang the wreath from them. Have fun making your wreaths!

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