Lush Christmas Favourites 2015


I love Lush. I love their products, employees and their whole company ethic. I used the psychedelically coloured soaps and fizzy bath bombs as a child but never used them again until only 2 years ago. I’m now re-obsessed with this brand and their Christmas range is a must for any bath lover. Here’s why I love them:

Cinders // £2.95  Ignore the fact that this bath bomb makes it look like you’ve had an accident and enjoy the strong cinnamon scent with a popping candy surprise. To me, this is Christmas in a bath!

Butterbear // £1.95  My ALL TIME favourite Christmas Lush product. I either use this alone or with another Lush product. It has a gorgeous cocoa butter smell and I’ve found that I don’t need to moisturise for 2 days after a Butterbear bath! It’s also one of Lush’s cheapest products so perfect for presents. Stock up before it leaves the shelves and the more expensive Butterball replaces it.

Cranberry Face Mask // £6.75  I normally go for face masks that aid oily skin but as I’m a sucker for Christmas branded products I decided to give Cranberry a go. I was pleasantly surprised at the smell, not too strong but not as bad as other Lush face masks, and it came off easily. It also didn’t unbalance my skin so I recommend this for all skin types. Leave this on for 10 minutes and expect smooth, slightly brighter skin.

The Magic of Christmas // £5.95  This has to be the most aesthetically pleasing product of all. Run the star under the bath tap until half or completely dissolved. Spending £6 on a bubble bar can be a bit steep but as it’s reusable (you’re left with a cinnamon stick too!) and smells unreal, it’s 100% worth it.

Dashing Santa // £2.95  Among all of the Wintery smells a fresh citrus scent can liven up the mix. Pop him in and enjoy the fresh, orange scent and colour created. I love putting this gimmicky bath bomb into Christmas hampers.





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